Geosteering Office®

Key features:

  • Unique interactive interface
  • Works with any MWD/LWD manufactures
  • Integration with Petrel, Roxar etc.
  • Realtime data transmission over WITSML

Geosteering service

Well placement of horizontal wells.

  • Only experienced people on each job
  • Recommendation verified by drilling engineers
  • Industry leader’s service quality level
  • Negotiations and reports in English and/or Russian language


Drilling and completions engineering

  • Independant calculations and expertise
  • Detailed programms and game plans
  • Field supervision
  • Documentations for the Supervisory authorities

About our company

The main priority of the Company is personal attention to each Customer and providing service at industry leader's level, allowing our Customers to get reliable alternative to International service companies, and also serves as a supplement (and in some cases - full replacement) of Customer's internal resources in geology, geosteering and engineering calculations in well construction and completion.

Our partners
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