We provide Geosteering services for horizontal wells and sidetracks. The service quality and process are organized at the industry leaders standard.

We cover both landing and reservoir navigation stages using our GeosteeringOffice® software.Pic. 1 Blue line is planned trajectory, red - actual trajectory. In this example geosteering in formation that changes dip anlge by 0.6 deg from the pre-job model results a net-to-gross value (NTG) increace from 35% to 92%.

What is Geosteering?

Geosteering is a real-time process of wellbore trajectory correction aimed to maximize pay zone penetration. Steering decisions are based on real-time MWD/LWD data analysis performed in specialized geosteering software. The service runs in 24/7 mode covered by two geosteering engineers in two 12 hour shifts.

Why do we need Geosteering?

Errors and uncertainties inevitably accompanying process of planning and drilling a well become critical when dealing with horizontal wells because their magnitude becomes compatible to the size of target interval significantly increasing the risk of losing part or even entire borehole outside the pay zone.

Mentioned uncertainties are normally consisting of geological and geometrical components. Geological component include seismic resolution, formation dip uncertainties etc. while geometrical uncertainties are related to trajectory drilling, calculating and extrapolating process. For example for the average horizontal well 3000m long the total TVD uncertainty can be up to few meters.

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